Try the Torta del Manhattan at Taqueria El Manhattan in Fort Mill

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Positive Reaction Blog

Until recently I don’t think I have ever ordered a sandwich at a Mexican restaurant– everything else on the menu is usually so good that ordering a sandwich has never even crossed my mind. All that changed a few weeks ago when, on a whim, I ordered a Torta at Taqueria El Manhattan in Fort Mill, SC. The menu item I ordered is called the Torta El Manhattan. It’s a giant sandwich that is packed with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese sauce, chorizo sausage, ham, and grilled fajita-style chicken. It also comes with jalapeños, which I ask for on the side. They have other tortas on the menu, but since I started with the Torta El Manhattan I haven’t tried the others. Who knows? I may be missing out… No, I don’t think so, the Torta del Manhattan is too good.

Next time you’re in the southern part of Fort Mill, SC, I recommend that you stop by Taqueria El Manhattan and give the Torta El Manhattan a try.

I don’t think they have a website, but this is the place: