Modern Laser Treatments Can Offer Permanent Hair Removal

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Positive Reaction Blog

Now this is interesting– for people who are dissatisfied with conventional treatments like shaving, plucking, and hot waxing, the most recent laser hair removal therapies represent a safe and reliable alternative. After undergoing laser hair removal treatments, the patient’s skin has that luxurious smoothness that is frequently attributed to a close shave. Compared to a close shave, though, a major benefit of laser therapy is that the hair does not start growing back right away.

One of the most effective methods of long-term hair removal is laser therapy. The most successful treatment regimens frequently involve several sessions, but the results are thought by many to be well worth the effort involved. The removal of dark hair from the upper lip, chin, full face with neck, full neck, bikini line, legs, arms, ab line, full back, and other areas of the body using laser therapy is effective in both the short and long term. There are also therapies available for the entire body. No matter the target location, it is preferable to schedule several appointments to fully address the removal of unwanted hair over the long term.

What is the process of laser hair removal therapy?

An 808 diode laser is used for laser hair removal at the top medical spas. The laser’s beam is utilized to fire light pulses that harm the hair bulb that serves as the hair follicle’s base. The bulb of the follicle is where living cells split to create the hair shaft, which in turn causes hair growth. When the hair bulb is obstructed, the growth process decreases or even stops; this is why laser therapy is so successful over the long haul.

How safe is laser therapy?

The safety of laser therapy has been established and is routinely used. Of course, just like other therapies, laser hair removal is most safe when performed by a qualified medical expert. Because of this, it’s critical to pick a medical spa that uses cutting-edge technology and staffs highly trained technicians.

What is the time frame?

Results vary from person to person, but following their second or third laser therapy treatment, the majority of patients will start to notice less hair. For more permanent hair reduction, medical spas typically advise packages of 6–8 treatments. After the final treatment, it should be possible to stop or considerably reduce hair growth, leaving smooth skin that takes little to no effort for future hair removal.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser therapy will vary with the number of treatments needed and the part of the body being treated, for example. In general, it is somewhat more expensive than less sophisticated techniques like shaving and tweezing, but it is also far more successful in achieving long-term hair reduction goals. Learn more about the pricing and cost of laser hair removal.

Where can I find laser hair removal therapy?

Many of the top med spas across the country provide laser hair removal services. Laser hair removal and reduction can be done safely and permanently when done by a qualified medical specialist. Want to know more? Visit for more information about hair removal options.